Close your eyes and imagine the most delicious experience you have ever had on your taste buds. Think about how that experience speaks to your soul in memory of that very moment, and how you would love to relive it yet once more. #Kalizion’s latest work is a creation that achieves an infusion of a delicious flow in lyric that tantalize the emotion reliving moments within you that left a beautiful, yet bitter taste in your mouth. His latest single #TawkTuMi has been marinated in an emotional escapade of flavours brought forth by love and conflict of self, in addition to the added essence of your significant other. We have all had expectations and desires in our relationships and no matter how perfect we would love for each bite within our connected souls to be, it sometimes could be over mixed by complexities of different tastes as well as levels. #TawkTuMi exposes the intricacies of such ingredients in the love game; an open book that shows our struggles in trying to reach the perfect temperatures in order to create that perfect love cookie which would survive the ever so changing tastes in showing and receiving love in this world. It is hearty, spicy and doesn’t shy away from showing that within simplicity there is a complexity when 2 hearts are involved. #TawkTuMi is worth feeding your ear this delicacy of music.

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Photo by: J. Hardman
(Hardman Portraits)

2008-Open for Platinum Selling group Champaign at Decatur Festival

2005-Upanotch Records delivers a Hip Hop campaign that introduces them to Champaign, Illinois (University of Illinois) and the world.