Album Notes

The Brain Housing Group is Three different heads coming from three different Locations blending their unique style to form originality. Kalizion, the producer and 1/3 of the Brain Housing Group is the more laid back of the three. His lyrics are well delivered and has a lot of depth to them. Jygsau is more abstract and more complex and brings a one two punch more recognized by the underground heads, While Azis(juscaus) brings grimy street gospel with a I don’t give a F— altitude.

Fun Fact: The Brain Housing Group put up 11 billboards in their hometown that caused controversy for radio, news, and blogs alike!

Google: Upanotch Records Hip Hop Rots Your Brain


Upanotch Records have three versions of this single.

Produced by C Wells.Lyrics : Kalizion, Chip-Fu (Jungle Rock Jr)





Produced By Psyco

Lyrics: Kalizion and Dre Bill


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